In a uncontested election I have become the next (and first) mayor of Woodland Hills California, United States of America.

It was basically a landslide, there was about 9 “likes” on facebook, so it was a pretty done deal from there on out. The Hollywood sign used to say “Hollywoodland” in 1923 but there was a land slide and the land part of the sign slid down in a landslide. It was kind of like that, a strange ironic mess.

Pretty sure being a leader in the corporate world for over a decade (Farcical Enterprises 2001-2011 CEO) gave me the edge.

Sales of rakes at the local Home Depot on Variel Avenue are going to sky-rocket. People are going to have physically move natural debris from sidewalks and driveways with a non-motorized tool. There is going to be leaves and stuff in a small area in front of you, in Woodland Hills now, you gotta push em’ out of your way without an engine.    


If you have any questions about concerns that lead to more questions please call me at my remote office: Rocco’s Tacos 

          5250 Town Center Cir
          Boca Raton, FL 33486

          (561) 416-2131

I really appreciate the support.